12 Unique Chair That Will Blow Your Mind!

History of Chair
The chair is one of the oldest furniture in the community. The new seat is commonly used in the 17th century. Prior to the seats, people usually only use a wooden crate or a large piece of wood as a seat. These objects are very large and heavy that it is difficult to be moved. Therefore, humans began to think to create an object that is more efficient and ultimately created a chair.

7 Most Expensive Domain Names in the Internet!

Domain, domain, domain! Generic domain names that contain simple word in it becoming more expensive this day due to the increasing rate of internet users. As quoted by PCWorld and SherWeb, the domains below is indeed the most people bid for and many of whom did not hesitate to spend million of dollars to have it.

The Beauty of Asu Island, Indonesia [PICS]

Asu island is a small island located near to Nias island, North Sumatra. The word "asu" in Javanese also meant as a "dog".

Asu island is in the Hinako archipelago and is one of the outer islands in Indonesia, this island's area is around 18km2 with residents around 20 families.

Artistic Shoes Design from Converse and Marimekko [PICS]

The partnering between Marimekko and Converse had brought this attractive shoes into market. I think all of you know a lot already about Converse, but do you know What Marimekko is?
Marimekko, established in 1951, is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colours. The company designs and manufactures high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories.
Okay, let's see their 12 attractive shoes!

Great Piece of Art from Car Window Dust Painting [PICS]

Most people are furious after they've seen a dirty window car full of dust or dirty window with full of funny smart messages such as "Wash your car jackass!". But there is one artist from San Marcos Texas, who take advantage such dust-covered window to be his canvas and he pasted art into it.

Funny Organizational Structure of Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon! [PIC]

Test How Good is Your Right Brain through This Picture!